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Program of the Conference

Sunday, October 22

9:00-17:00Workshop 1 – Risk Assesment and Management;
Symphony Hall
13:00-17:00Workshop 2 – Environmental Health
Melody Hall
16:00 – 20:00Registration
Boardroom 3 & Foyer
18:00 – 20:00Opening Reception
Melody & Symphony Halls
Information Fair

Monday, October 23

Boardroom 3
8:30-9:00Opening plenary
Symphony and Rhapsody HallsM. Sulcova, Slovak RepublicR. Kriezenbeck, United StatesJ. Stencl, Slovak Medical UniversityA. Gatchett, United States Environmental Protection Agency
9:00-10:00Keynote 1 – P. Part, Italy: “Environment and Health in Europe.”
Keynote 2 – T. Trnovec, Slovak Republic: “Effects of PCB Exposures in Slovakia.”
Grand Foyer
10:30-12:00Keynote 3 – P. Preuss, United States: “Where is Risk Assessment Going?”
Keynote 4 – M. Petcu, Romania: “Old Burdens and Remediation in Romania: Legislation and Applied Measures.”
13:30-16:00Track 1:
Risk Management, Policy Issues
Track 2:
Environmental Health, Policy Issues
13:30-14:00M. Isobaev, Academy of Sciences Republic of Tajikistan: “Eco-Hygienic Aspects in Improvement of Environmental Situations in Rural Areas.”N. Bican-Brisan, Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Romania: “Public Health and Salt Environment in Some Salt Mines in Transylvania (Romania).”
14:00-14:30I. Korsakova, Tajik State Medical University: “Review of Sanitary – Hygiene State of Open Water Reserves and Perspectives of Water Quality Improving in the Region of Central Asia.”O. Sfetcu, Public Health Authority of Hunedoara District, Romania: ”Avian Influenza Intervention Plan – Multidisciplinary Approach.”
14:30-15:00K. Mahutova, CALIBRE, United States: title reservedI. Rusyn, University of North Carolina, United States: title reserved
15:30-17:00Track 1:
Contaminated Site Assessment
Track 2:
Air Pollution and Health
15:30-16:00L. Blaha, Centre for Cyanobacteria and their Toxins (Institute of Botany, CAS & RECETOX, Masaryk University): “Cyanobacterial toxins in the reservoirs of the Czech Republic – levels, (eco)toxicology and health risks.”R. Sram, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Czech Republic: “Impact of Air Polution on Biomarkers of Genetic Damage.”
16:00-16:30A. Ozunu, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania: “South Eastern Europe and the shift to environmental security – priority issues and challenges in SEE countries”.I. Neamtiu, Environmental Health Center, Romania: “Personal Monitoring in Lead Exposure in an Occupational Environment.”
16:30-17:00S. Rapant, Geological Survey of Slovak Republic: “Medical Geochemistry Research in SGR Mts., Slovakia.”J. Topinka, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Czech Republic: “Impact of Genetic Polymorphisms on Respiratory Morbidity in Children.”
17:30-19:30Poster Session and Evening Mixer
Session A – Remediation
Session B – Health Effects

Tuesday, October 24

08:30-10:00Track 1:
Remediation and Risk Assessment
Track 2:
Children’s Health
08:30-09:00A. Fulop, North University Baia Mare, Romania: “Soil Contamination and Health Concerns in Baia Mare Region, North-West Romania.”R. Finnell, Texas A&M; University Health Science Center, United States: title reserved
09:00-09:30S. Peterson, Environmental Protection Agency, United States: “Mercury Concentration in Fish from Streams/Rivers Throughout the Western United States.”A. Sharshenova, Scientific and Production Centre for Preventive Medicine, Kyrgyzstan: “Study of Trace Element Composition of the Hair in the Population of the Mercury Biogeochemical Province.”
09:30-10:00A. Gatchett, Environmental Protection Agency, United States: “U.S.-German Bilateral Working Group: An International Collaboration in Revitalizing Contaminated Land”D. Carpenter, Institute for Health & the Environment, United States: title reserved
10:00-10:30Poster Session and Break
Session C – Remediation
Session D – Health Effects
10:30-12:00Track 1:
Student Priority I – Risk Assessment and Remediation
Track 2:
Student Priority II – Environmental Health
10:30-11:00K. Donnelly, Texas A&M; Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health, United States: “Remediation and Risk Assessment of PAH Mixtures.”E. Craft, NIEHS, United States: “Post-Translational Modifications of MTF-1: Regulation of Gene Expression.”
11:00-11:30L. German, Ukraine: “Health effect of exposure to contaminated water:case from Boyarka, Ukraine.”D. Hill, Texas A&M; University Institute for Biosciences and Technology, United States: “Arsenic-Induced Metabolic Disruption and Neural Tube Defects in a Mouse Model.” 
11:30-12:00T. McDonald, Texas A&M; Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health, United States: “Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons.”A. Gruia, West University of Timisoara, Chemistry – Biology – Zoology Faculty, Romania: “Study Regarding the Toxicity of Aristolochia in Traditional Medicine Recipes: Quantitative Analysis of Aristolochic Acid in Some Therapeutical Extracts.”
13:30-15:30Track 1:
Remediation and Technology
Track 2:
Exposure and Epidemiology Studies
13:30-14:00K. Markiewicz, Centers for Disease Control, United States: “Vapor Intrusion as a Risk Factor at Contaminated Sites.”H. Lehocka, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic: “Relationship Between Occupational Exposure and Genotoxic Risk in Department of Clinical Pathology.”
14:00-14:30D. Baciu, North University Baia Mare, Romania: “The Impact of the Settlement of a New District with Flats and Houses on the Former Tailing Pond Meda, Baia Mare City, Romania, On the Public Health.”E. Fabianova, Regional Authority of Public Health, Slovakia: “Occupation, Environment and Lung Cancer – Multicentric Case Control Study; the Slovak Part.”
14:30-15:00A. Gogolakova, The Constantine Philosopher University, Slovakia: “Ceratodon Purpureus – Potential Hyperaccumulator of Toxic Metals from Contaminated Soil.”K. McCarty, Yale University, United States. “GST Polymorphisms, PAH-DNA Adducts, Smoking and Breast Cancer Risk.”
15:00-15:30Z. Drobna, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States: “The Role of Arsenic (+3 Oxidation State) Methyltransferase in Arsenic Metabolism.”M. Fickova, Institute of Experimental Endocrinology, Slovakia: “In Vitro Cytotoxic Effects of Phenol-Phtalate Mixtures in Two Cell Lines.”
15:00-15:30Poster Session (final) and Break
15:30-17:00Track 1:
Student Panel – Remediation and Risk Characterization
Track 2:
Student Panel – Environmental Health

Wednesday, October 25

09:00-10:20Track 1:
Student Priority III – Risk Assessment
Track 2:
Student Priority IV – Environmental Health
09:00-09:30D. Costin, Babes Bolyai University, Romania: “Environmental Risks Associated to Acid Mine Drainage in Baia Mare Mining Region, Romania.”C. Tatu, Department of Immunology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania: “Study Regarding the Toxicity of Aristolochia in Traditional Medicine Recipes: The Activity of Traditional Aristolochia Clematitis Recipes on Cell Cultures.”
09:30-10:00C. Naspinski, Texas A&M; University, United States: “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in House Dust in Regions of China, Azerbaijan, and Texas.”M. Lukan, Parasitological Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia: “Emerging Tick-borne Parasites in Slovakia.”
10:00-10:20T. Stefanovska, Natural Agricultural University, Ukraine: title reservedB. Pachkowski, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States: “Using Laboratory and Epidemiologic Data for Determining Gene-Environment Interactions: XRCC1 Polymorphisms, Pending Acceptance Breast Cancer, and Smoking”
10:40-12:00Track 1:
Remediation, Case Studies
Track 2:
Environmental Toxicology, Persistent Pollutants
10:40-11:00J. Aston, SC Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, Romania: “What is the Rosia Montana Project?”W. Jedrychowski, Jagiellonian University, Poland: “Quantification of Indoor and Outdoor Exposure to Dog and Cat Allergens in Early Childhood, Krakow Inner City Area Study.”
11:00-11:30H. Avram, SC Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, Romania:F. Ingel, A.N.Sysin Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene of Russian Academy, Russia: “Environmental Pollution, Quality of Life, Heredity, and Human Genome Instability.”
11:30-12:00J. Aston, SC Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, RomaniaS. Safe, Texas A&M; University, Faculty of Toxicology, United States: “PAHs Induce Antiestrogenic and Estrogenic Activity Through Independent Pathways.”
13:30-15:30Closing plenary
Moderator and Closing: W. SukM. Sulcova, Slovak RepublicE. Gurzau, RomaniaStudent Panel Conclusions – B. Anderson, United StatesStudent Appreciation and Recognition – K. Donnelly, United States