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Online payment methods

How do I pay online my registration fee to CEECHE 2006?

Centrul regional de evaluare a riscului de mediu si sanatate (CRERMS) as a non-profit foundation was designated by the Conference organizers to receive the registration fees using the on-line payment services of Thus, we can provide to the participants a safe and efficient payment service.

You can pay online your registration fee following these 3 steps:

  1. On the “Fee payment” section from your personal account, click “Pay Online Now” button.
  2. Insert your personal information.

    This information is necessary for the correct and efficient processing of your order. Inserting the personal data is done through a 128 Bits SSL connection. For more information please read the “How safe is it for me to pay on-line?” section. Your personal information is not sent to other people, by CRERMS, nor ePayment. Please see that you correctly complete the form and indicate the person to which the billing will be made. The e-mail address is very important because the order information will be sent by e-mail. A wrong e-mail address will slow the processing of the order. Further more, CRERMS and ePayment will not be able to contact and inform you about the order status.

    Choose the desired payment method and confirm the information by pressing “Next Step”.
  3. Insert the credit/debit card information.

    If you chose the Credit/Debit Card payment method, it is necessary to fill in the information about your CC. For payments made with Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) Credit/Debit Cards, it is used the “3-D Secure” system, developed by the organizations above to ensure a security standard for the on-line transactions, the same with the ones done at the ATMs or in a merchant’s shop. “3-D Secure” ensures that no information regarding your card is transferred or kept, at any time, on our servers on the ePayment servers: the information is sent to the Visa and MasterCard systems. Further more, “3-D Secure” is an on-line system used to establish the identity of the card owner. The authentication process of the owner is made based on the security code, known only by the card owner, and it takes place only on the Visa or MasterCard server, according to the situation. The “3-D Secure” system allows on-line transactions made with any card issued under Visa and MasterCard license, including the debit cards and the electronic cards (Maestro and Visa Electron). The virtual cards issued by these organizations are also accepted.

    If the card transaction was successful, the next screen will thank you for the order placed on our web site and will give you useful information about the order. This information will also be sent by e-mail.

Security policy

How safe is it for me to pay on-line?

The participation fee is paid through the on-line payment services offered by ePayment. The risks you are exposing yourself to while paying on-line are:

  • The personal data filled in by you for the order can be taken over by other people and abusively used – ePayment guarantee the security of its informational systems. Please see “The ePayment Security Policy” and “The Company Security Policy” for more information on this subject.
  • Your personal data in case of card payments – card number, expiration date, etc. – may be taken by other people and abusively used. Inside the “3-D Secure” system, used by ePayment for card payments with Visa and MasterCard, no information regarding your credit card is transferred or kept, at any time, on our servers or the ePayment servers, the information is sent to the Visa and MasterCard systems. Furthermore, in case your card is issued by a bank certified in the “3-D Secure” System, the authorization of the payment is done only after your authentication in this system – filling in a secret code/password known only by you, the same with the PIN number for the ATM transactions. Please read “Verified by Visa” and “Secure Code” for further details regarding “3-D Secure”.

Payment Methods

You can choose from one of these payment methods: debit/credit card, bank transfer/wire. If you chose debit/credit card as a payment method, you must fill in a form with its details. If the transaction was successful, the next screen thanks you for the order placed on our web site and provides you with useful information about the order. This information will also be sent by e-mail.

We accept the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX, JCB, DinersClub, including the virtual cards from Visa and MasterCard. Using the card as payment method, your order will be immediately processed. For the transactions in which you chose the Bank Transfer as a payment method, the order processing will be done only after the ePayment account is credited with the amount transferred – the estimated time is 2-4 days, according to the bank you made the transfer from.